Monday, April 22, 2013

The best green liner to combine with a smokey eye

I LOVE combining green and black, its very sensual and mysterious!



But you have to have a green that is complimentary to black (contains black pigments)

How can YOU make this look a reality for you?  It starts with that perfect green/black color!  And I LOVE Urban Decay's "Loaded"

Available in Shadow:

And Eyeliner:

AND in "eye ink" (read: creamy stain for eyes - more on that later)

So....why green?!  Well, green is exotic and also works with all eye colors.  A green like we are talking about here is so similar to black, it makes eye looks much more flexible (aka: not just a black smokey eye or just a black eyeliner)

Green/Black Inspiration:

So how to you keep it looking fresh and not like...well...


Use a shadow primer from lid to brow

Then blend the green/black shadow color from the outside in.  Be careful not to over saturate the eye area at first, its easier to add more than take away!

You can use a gold shimmer to dull down the deep color if you prefer

Use the green liner (or black works too) on the top and bottom to create the drama.  I like to avoid a cat eye when doing a green look, I prefer to make it look more 'smoked' and faded.

I know its just a sketch, but this is a flawless look:

You've got the smokey look, but the green fades to the inner corner, so you don't look like a raccoon!  Notice how it it high on the bow bone, I apply that when my brush is almost out of color (so its not so harsh!)

PS- keep it simple with the lip and blush!

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