Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My tip for turquoise liner

I LOOOOVE turquoise liner (if you haven't 'liked' my facebook page, Rosa M Beauty, then make sure you do - because I have some great pics on there!)

Its SUCH a fun summer look

(if you've already shied away because you think its out of your comfort zone, hear THIS: it makes you look TAN!  Try it!)

I've recently realized that the secret to making this bold color look amazing, is to line the eyes with a SUPER THIN black line (try a liquid liner) first, then trace the turquoise line on top (not really over but parallel)

The other way I like to wear it, is on the bottom lash line only!  (very fun!)

What is my tried and true turquoise liner?

Stila waterproof liner

its creamy, glides on and STAYS PUT!  Perfect for a hot day at the beach!

also available in liquid:

It will 'stay all day' as promised

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