Sunday, April 21, 2013

Exchange your chemical ridden polish for Earth Day!

ZOYA, my fav brand of polish, is offering a great deal in honor of Earth Day and their 'free' polish (aka: free of formaldehyde, dibutyl, toluene, camphor, resin and phthalate)

You can do an 'exchange' and it goes like this:

Between April 19- 26th you go to
2. Pick out at least 6 polishes (excludes the Pixi Dist collection)
3. Use the code "ZOYAEARTH2013" at check out and you'll get 50% off!!!!!  SERIOUSLY!
4. When you get your order (the best part!) you will send them back your non-Zoya polishes.  Obviously, it makes sense to send as many back as you bought, which is preferred (see details on the website).  See address and mailing details on site
5. Zoya will dispose of these chemical-ridden polishes according to proper EPA guidelines for you.  Even better - you can send a few extra to have disposed.

Maybe one of your [minimum] 6 polishes will be a green shade in honor of Earth Day?

At the very least, you can have a guilt-free upgrade to some fab bright shades (I LOVE 'Rocky')

in 2013, its ALL about color, and the bolder the better!  Forget just sticking with pinks, nail polish is meant to make a statement!

I promise, once you try Zoya you'll never go for another brand again, you'll get much more mileage from your mani!

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