Thursday, April 4, 2013

Countless Color Pigments!

Thank you:
for bringing out these new color pigments in these FAB bright cases, because I am totally thinking summertime right now!  LOVE!

Stila just launched these 7 pigment blends, which are HANDMADE (read: each is perfectly unique!) as they are pressed and baked to create little works of art!

The extreme pigmentation means that these powders will wear on and on and look great dusk till dawn!  (hello - perfect for a night out!)

You can use tapered shadow brushes to just pick up the color you want, or you can swipe the brush all over the product and create a blend, since the shades in each are complimentary!

How can you resist these awesome cases?!

Pick them up for $22 each

Having trouble deciding?  Go for

Stila - Countless Color Pigments
and "Light Show"
Stila - Countless Color Pigments

You'll get a great range with these two.  The first is perfect for daytime, pair it was a super glossy peach lip and the second will give you this modern mermaid look that is bold and fun!  (Pair with neutral blush and a nude lip)

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