Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I'm Grabbing Last Minute

On a quick run out this weekend, I started realizing that there were still a few things I needed crossed off the Christmas To-Do, and my list might just be what you need too!

When I was running in to grab my predictable Pike Place Roast, I realized that a really nice Starbucks mug and a coffee sampler were just what the hard to buy for Uncle needed...etc.  You can also grab a few pounds to bring as a host gift or for a great co-worker!  Grab a gift card for your postal worker or hairdresser!

I love to do little random trinkets in the stocking, plus this is a great place to stock up on M&Ms and other candies for stockings or gift baskets!

Don't forget to grab any greeting cards you need to get out, there are tons of cute ones that hold gift cards!  They also have some nice ones for above-mentioned postal workers and the like!

Think Popcorn
Everyone loves popcorn and a movie!  I found these great popcorn bowls at Christmas Tree Shoppe

and filled them with movies and movie-theater butter style popcorn from a gourmet food shop (love the ones at outlet malls!) and POP!  You've got a nice gift!  (PS- Put some of that candy you got at Walgreens in there too!)

Gas Station
Lotto Tickets!  They are so necessary, I grab a bunch and have a stash in my car, when I realize that I'm stopping by to see Grandpa, or its suddenly some one's birthday at work - I have a stash ready to give!

Liquor Store
Don't make it more stressful on yourself, make a quick list in the car before you head in, I always seem to underestimate what I'll need if I don't make a list!
Not really sure what type of wine to give?  I have a 'sliding scale approach'

Really Unsure/Random Host Gift - California Cabernet, will have a nice selection in this price range ($7-$14 )
Family Holiday Gathering - Since there will be the standard red and whites, go for Prosecco (a sparkling Italian wine), or even go for an after dinner spirit, like Lemoncello or Sambuca

Boss/Someone to Impress - Pinot Noir is back in fashion, spend about $15-$35 and get something decent (you'll have the best luck purchasing if you go to a larger liquor store) but I really got into Barbera recently, when my boss selected it for a client dinner.  It was closer to a Pinot than a Cab, it will go down well!

Again, I was surprised that I still needed a bunch of things!  Anyone who knows me well knows this is me the day after Thanksgiving:

(all ready for Christmas!)

But these quick stops made it all come together for me, hope this helps!

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