Thursday, December 20, 2012

How I fight acne, in the car!

I've been using the Tanda Zap for Acne
Tanda - Zap™ Acne Spot Treatment Device
for about a year now, and I just had a great idea
1. Put it in the car and use it daily on my blemishes, its certainly convenient
2.  Buy the AAA batteries in BULK!  (it goes through them quick!)

But seriously, the Tanda is a great product.  Its a bit of an investment at $50, BUT, I'm telling you, it heals blemishes FAST.  If you can use it on emerging blemishes, and keep using it for 2 days, the blemish will be nearly healed.  Really!

I also like that it won't mess up my makeup, so its fine to use in the car!

Fun fact:  it has a loop so it can actually go on a key chain!

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