Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Do I have the guts to cut my hair?

I have to share with my readers my latest obsession, its the desire (and the terror) to cut my hair, and not just a trim folks, I'm talking a Mia Farrow makeover!  HAHA!

I am LOVING this (somewhat) versatile

The evolution of her hair started with this buzz for Les Miserable

(her starting length is just like mine now)

During filming she was able to style it a bit, even with barely any length

Look how fab with the cat-eye glasses

Now that she was able to let it grow, her extra inch or so is really giving her some style, and this is the length I love!

I keep thinking of this cut and how fun super-short hair would be, but I am too scared to take the risk, AND to just 'cut' away all those years of growing it and taking care of it!  Ahhhh!

Thoughts from my readers?

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