Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A great hair deal in stores now!

Bumble and Bumble, an amazing styling product company

has a great promotion going on wherever their products are sold (I shop Sephora for their products!)

If you spend $25 or more on any of their products, you get a style card that entitles you to a free blowout or updo at a Bb participating salon!  For my girls in the Syracuse area, that would be Industry Salon on Walton St in Syracuse!

WHY is this such a great idea?
1. You'll love their product, so the free style card is just a great bonus!
2. Its Holiday party time,it will be a perfect way to get a classy chignon for FREE and show up to your party in total style
3. The Bb stylists are trained in 3 different classic updo's in advance of this promotion, so they make quick work out of making you fabulous

WHAT products should you try?

For the girl who likes her hair 'undone'  try their Undressing Creme:

which you just smooth into hair and go!  its so simple but it keeps undone hair actually looking healthy and NOT frizzy!

For the girl who wats SUPER smooth locks:
Check out their ConsenSTRAIGHT treatment, that smooths the hair follicle and ensures that you'll have straight hair for days!

For the color-conscience gal:  you have to try ANYTHING in their Color Minded line:

My fav is the styling creme, it has a UV filter in it!  (read: sunblock for hair)

For your style, of course a blowout if perfect if you don't have any event you want to dress your hair up for, but hey - who needs an event?  When I went in, I went for the classic french twist and I was amazed at how she got ALL my thick hair up with no problem!

The look is so classic and timeless!!!!  I really recommend it!

Fashionista Tip:  Make sure to TIP your stylist what you would if you paid full price, which would be about 15% of $80, or $12.

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