Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The REAL reason gel manis are so bad for your nails!

Sure, they look amazing

and basically make real nails indestructible and chip-proof for weeks....

but if you've had even one gel manicure removed, you are well aware that it destroys your nails!  Issues such as

-Brittle nails
-Peeling nails
-Soft nails
-Dry cuticles
-Sensitive nails
-Yellowed nails

Oh yes, I've been fact, my nails were worse after ONE gel manicure was removed than they were when I took my acrylics off after FIFTEEN years!!!  No joke!

I, like most of you, assumed that it was the scraping off of the gel that 'stripped' my nails and made them so flaky and soft

But in fact, I've gotten to the bottom of it...and I'm going to tell you the REAL reason that the gel nails are so harmful to your natural nail beds

Its the SOAKING OFF in the super strong (and at salons, often professional strength) acetone solution!!!

The soaking dehydrates nails to a level that takes out bodies DAYS to even replenish the essential oils and nutrients needed, even in the best circumstances.

Even when using the foil removal approach, or other similar removal techniques

there is still a significant amount of damage done to the nail.

I wish I had a solution, but clearly, to remove the gel, you need to soak or submerge the gel in acetone.  if you can't live without your perfect gel manis (I don't blame you, they are fabulous) then make sure to drink lots of water and take supplements, such as vitamin E and calcium to fortify the nail beds.

PS- peeling off the gel rather than soaking off may help you avoid the dehydration....however, you will strip the nail layers and over time this can lead to infection and sensitivity.

Now you know!

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