Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How NYC girls refresh on the go!

You may not live in New York City, but haven't you fantasized about being a city girl once or twice?  Strutting in heels through Manhattan to your office?  (oh, that's just me that thinks like that...?!)

Anyway...ahem!  Uh, well we all need a refresh sometimes, whether its a hot day, our hands are particularly grimy from grabbing a messy lunch, or we want to mentally switch gears from work to happy hour- I have an AWESOME product for you!

Herban Essentials Towelettes!  They are individually wrapped naturally scented towelettes that refresh you instantly and provide a light scent

They make me think of sophisticated city women, so have to refresh on the go, and inside their Hermes tote bag they faithfully carry are these fabulous towelettes, along with jewelry and a scarf to take their look from office to dinner with friends in just one bathroom stop!

right now I am crushing on the Yoga themed towelettes, which have a light lavender scent that clears your mind, and also contains natural antiseptic properties, so you can use to wipe down your feet, hands AND yoga mat!  Genius!

And hey why not even get your dog in on it?  The blend of essential oils used in these wipes are antiseptic also, so they can clean up a scrape, clean out ears, or be used on owner's hands after a walk.

The most universal scent is certainly the orange

which certainly won't offend your cubical mate!  (like some strong perfume smell)

Where to buy?  For $14.99 for 20 towelettes click:

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