Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Barefoot in Blue" for a Great Cause!

Last year when you heard about Toms Shoes promoting their "One Day" campaign by asking everyone in the World to "go a day without wearing shoes, to remind us of the World's poverty issues" you might not have been motivated to literally heed their message  (but hopefully you picked up an awesome pair of their super comfy shoes, because for every pair they sold, they donated a pair!)

But now Toms Shoes is teaming up with our fav nail polish brand, Essie, and they created a signature color for Spring that helps support the "One Day" foundation

Stacy Keibler (of George Clooney fame) is a spokesperson for the charity, and she looks great in the promotions! 

There are, of course, matching blue Toms Shoes too!

and the color is very bright and bold

To learn more about the campaign go to:

To purchase this hot blue shade, you'll need to go to your fav Essie retailer (such as Ulta) to see if there are any left on shelves - the website is sold out!

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