Friday, April 6, 2012

Do you own an iPhone?

Or a Blackberry?  Or an iPad?

Duh?!  Doesn't everybody?

Anyway, I am asking because, if you will spend money on high tech gadgets, then WHY haven't you invested in a super lightweight ion HAIRDRYER?!

If you're a girl who'll spend $28 on shampoo but you are using a noisy, heavy and damaging hairdryer, you need to align your priorities immediately!

Check out this blow dryer, in my opinion one of the best, the CHI Chameleon Dryer, $179.99
CHIChameleon Ionic Hair Dryer
Obviously that is a VERY expensive styling tool, but if you picked it up, you would be amazed!  It weighs next to nothing (no more tired arms or wrist pain from a bulky heavy dryer!) and it is SO quiet but POWERFUL!  It dries my long thick hair in 5 minutes and leaves it super shiny, thanks for ionic minerals inside!

Want the same ultra light weight dryer, but can't afford that hefty price tag?  You should try the $30 knock-off, Conair's Tourmaline Ceramic Styling System kit, which has the dryer, nozzle, diffuser and ionic brush!
ConairTourmaline Ceramic Styling System
find it at:

Its time to step it up girls!  Your hair will thank you!

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