Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tip on removing gel polish

Typically, when you have your gel polish removed from the salon, they soak a cotton ball in the remover, apply it to the nail and wrap foil around it to keep the solution concentrated on the nail bed:

I leaned the hard way the other night that this is very hard to do on yourself!  (I managed to spill the remover and ruined my dining room table- it was AWFUL!)

Since I determined to do my own gel nails (this outta last about another week) I went in search of an easier way to remove the gel, other than wasting a ton of product soaking the nails

I found GEL REMOVER WRAPS - and its the best idea!

Instead of having to soak cotton and make your own foil wrap, these wraps come with a cotton pad already saturated in remover, you just have to open the wrap to expose it!  Then you wrap the foil around the nail bed and let it soak in for about 15 to 20 minutes!

I also learned that the OPI brand of the wraps (CND Shellac) that are more expensive, do NOT work as well as the cheaper version by Hands Down:

They work like a band aid and stay in place easily!  SO SMART!

Here is a video HOW TO

BUT, YOU DO NEED TO APPLY REMOVER TO THESE PADS before using!!!  The best way is to purchase a nozzle-tipped bottle for spill proof application

You can get a 10 count of the wraps for $2.99 at Sally Beauty Supply, or check out to buy the 100 pack and save (ends up to be about 25 cents per wrap)

Of course, that is more expensive than say, the 3 cents a wrap for the homemade version - but after you've tried the homemade version once, you'd gladly pay $1 a wrap!!!!

The additional benefit to the wraps is that you can easily check to see the progress, add more solution, and re-wrap.  That makes it much easier!

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