Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 2 of my own Gel Nails

If you read my earlier post about removing gel nails, then you might have caught the part where I had a huge disaster and spilled the gel nail remover, and it went right through the towel I had carefully laid out (in vain) and dissolved the finish on the dining room table, leaving a HUGE white spot on my dark wood table.  I screamed, I cried....and then I kept going.

Everything seemed to go well, and I chose a sheer pink from the Red Carpet Gel Nail Kit

Within 8 hours, the pink nail gel completely peeled off and half of two others too.  What that means is that I laid the base layer of gel too thick,and I also got some of my cuticles, which is a HUGE no-no - because it will left off the cuticle and start peeling.

I plan to keep going ahead and trying again, hoping to learn the technique so that I can save major $$$ doing my own nails.  After 15 years and about $7,200 invested in acrylic nails - I'm willing to keep learning!

I think when you start, its best to use sheer or glitter colors, which hide imperfections and nail growth

BUT, my starter kit came with a complementary bottle of "Red Carpet Reddy" that I'm dying to try!

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