Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hair Chalking?!

As in....chalk?

Uh, YES!!!  Its the new huge thing!!!

If you love colored strands, but are not about to make the commitment of permanently dying your hair OR maybe your job is NOT pink hair friendly....no problem!  By using colored CHALK on your hair you get wash out fun color instantly - which is perfect for an up do or braid:

Essentially, you rub colored chalk on wet hair (caution:  if you have light blond hair, especially if its color treated, its NOT recommended that you wet hair first, because you might have a tough time removing the color!)

This photo step by step is a great summary of hair chalking

1. Brush Hair (wear a shirt that you don't mind getting damaged)
2. Separate strands you want to 'color' PUT ON PLASTIC GLOVES!
3. Wet the strand (unless you are a light dyed blond, it could damage hair!) TWIST STRANDS
4. Rub pastel chalk on strand until coated
5. Re-apply chalk again if necessary (you can blow dry hair a bit)
6. Use a flat iron to 'dry' the damp strands and to set color
7. Clean your flat iron immediately

Here is a fun and great video on how to:

What to use?  Get chalk/pastel's at a art supply or craft store:

The most popular looks are



Are you ready for the trend?!

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