Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't bother with Revlon styling tools

FYI on hair tools, don't bother buying Revlon brand.  I've gone through 4 curling irons in 6 months because the cord twists and causes the power to short out, regardless of how much you smooth or untangle it.

What is unfortunate is that it heated instantly and did an outstanding job of setting my hair, but the iron would just randomly stop working, and after buying my forth, I just can't take it anymore!!!!

I settled for a Conair one, which is also very nice, but not as nice of a clip on the barrel as the Revlon iron.

The best thing you can do for your hair when you curl it, is use a clip less curling iron:

The clip damages hair by applying heat and pulling, whereas the clip less iron doesn't pull or fray the ends of your hair!

many of them come with a heat protection glove so you don't burn your fingers, trust me....this is a MUST

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