Thursday, July 12, 2012

Follow the yellow brick Emerald PRETTY!

I 'heart' Tarina Tarantino, mainly because I envy how bold she is to permanently rock fuchsia hair!  I also love her style.  She started as a jewelry designer, with punky style that works for adult women.  Her success in that avenue translated into cosmetics!

I managed to scope out her new eye palette, "Emerald Pretty" the other day in Sephora, and I was iffy on whether or not to invest.  THEN, I saw her you tube video on how she uses the palette, and now I MUST have it! ($36 at Sephora)

Tarina personally applies this palette on the video, and it showcases her talent as a designer:

Perhaps the most underrated color in the palette is the yellow-tinged "Dandy Lion"

Which really adds a unique pop of color:

Tarina is KNOWN for her sparkle, which is like millions of microscopic diamonds, it looks very fresh and not immature! 

In case you aren't familiar with her line, she tends to go for bold, regardless of the color scheme

Her latest add is incredible (that features the gorgeous Emerald Pretty palette!) because it shows you how you can wear it 'day' or 'night' style from the same collection!

For more info and prices on her products, check out her Sephora page

If you love her punk rock style. you have to check out her collections of gems and jewels, Katy Perry is a HUGE fan!

Like these $55 crystal studs

And these $38 drop earrings are SO FRESH!

She also has AMAZING hair accessories and a men's line.  You can shop it at:

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