Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You are probably already aware that I am a Lady Gaga fan (how could I not be, with the way she pushes fashion boundaries?!  Love it!) otherwise known to her as a "little monster" (her name for her fans)

So I am totally excited to smell her new perfume, appropriately called "Fame"

I also loved her creative ad that she is using to market the fragrance, which will be available for sale in September this year (but I've heard a rumour that Macy's will be pre-selling bottles on July 27th)

a fragrance blogger got some more inside scoop for us:
"The 100-ml. — which Gaga refers to as the Ultimate Masterpiece (these words are also printed on the bottle) — retails for $79, while the 50-ml. is priced at $55 and the 30-ml. will cost $42. A 10-ml. rollerball version will sell for $19. The collection will also include three ancillaries. Black Soap, $15, will be out in August in limited distribution, while a black shower gel, $25 for 200 ml., and a black body lotion, $30 for 200 ml., will be on counter in November."
Its important to note that Gaga has a charity that provides awareness about, and hopes to end, bullying!  She has mentioned several times that much of the proceeds from her sales of tickets, merchandise, and now this fragrance will go towards the efforts of her charity.

Congrats on the fragrance Gaga-loo, love ya gal!

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