Thursday, March 14, 2013

The "No Makeup" Look

I've noticed that it is becoming quite a trend to apply makeup in a way that makes you look like you have none on at all!  Wait, what?!

No really, its this 'no makeup' look that starts with using top of the line moisturizer and highlighter, with a bit of a natural flush and nude shadows to create this flawless skin and natural glow that makes people "notice your beauty and not your makeup"

Ok, ok....I'm willing to hear this out....

Creating this look is fairly simple, you just need a healthy glow and a neutral canvas (aka: use a primer to even skin tone, use a sheer foundation and conceal spots & dark circles)

From what I have been researching, the key product to achieving this look is HIGHLIGHTER, as well as contouring colors, like tans and nudes
Possibly the World's most popular highlighter with the best reviews is the YSL Touche Eclat

this little pen is amazing, it adds just the right level of highlighter (read: no sparkle, just light reflection)
I love this little how-to from YSL:

I also like this guide to applying the highlighter (which can be over or under a sheer foundation or BB cream)

as much as I love the Touche Eclat in the tinted shades, I am really loving a good BB cream, touching up under eyes with concealer, and then using the Tom Ford 'Radiant Eclat'

I love both shades, but the silvery one packs more of a punch!

For you REAL makeup mavens, there is a product that can't be missing from your arsenal, this long awaited release of Tom Ford's (creative mind of Gucci) "Shade and Illuminate" comes directly from a concoction he made for contouring model's for their runways and photo shoots

it doesn't matter what your skin tone is, these 2 shades will work!  It can look intimidating (when I tried it in NYC I was a bit hesitant myself) but it is incredible!

You start by using the deeper shade to create contours

and blending the color with a short haired, but full, brush

notice how the deep color, especially under the cheek bone, created a light reflection that makes the face appear slimmer and more defined?

Here is a guide for most face shapes for deeper shades of countour and lighter shades of highlighter:

finish by adding the lighter shade on areas where light hits (just like the photo up above) I have to say, the master at this is Kim K

she always gets her high and low lights right!

Now that you've got this incredible contoured face - you can sweep just a hint of a natural flushing blush on, such as the most famous NARS Blush in Orgasm (named after the glow you get after...well..uh)

Neutralize reddish tones on your eyelid with a neutral eye base, such as one from Too Faced's line of primers

then just add a HINT of natural/nude toned shadow to the crease, and a bit around the eyes:

Avoid eyeliner, BUT a swipe of mascara can't hurt!

Finish with a natural toned (perhaps a hint of peach or pink) semi-matte lipstick (no shiny glosses, it looks too over done)
I am OBSESSED with Tom Ford's "Blush Nude"

Define your brows!

Your finished product should result in flawless skin with a bit of a glow

So, are YOU going to try the no makeup look?!?!  I think it will be my Spring go-to!

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