Friday, March 8, 2013

New Palette Themed after Jasmine from Disney

I'm not really into the Disney Character type stuff, however, I've secretly always envied Jasmine - with her cool crop top outfit and her gorgeous black hair.....

Well, I can't wear a crop top & sheer pants, and I don't have black hair BUT I can create my own version of Arabian Nights with this GORGEOUS new palette from Sephora:

The "Jasmine" palette ($55) is a limited edition collection of 15 pigmented shadows and 2 cheek colors and the colors are the equivalent of taking a day long journey through an Indian market, they are just beautiful!

My favorite color is this saffron-inspired yellow gold

This palette is just one of the items in the entire Spring 2013 collection, just launched!

One other item I will pick up is the kohl pencil and that inky-looking eyeliner!  Nice!

Check out all the products, including TWO fragrances in this limited edition collection, now online at

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