Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What a DAY!!!!

How fortunate am I that my buddy from High School, Josh, has this SUPER successful radio show in Syracuse and he invited me to come on after his co-host bragged that he could handle a glycolic facial - and I was going to serve it up!
Joshua & Rosa M
If you want to see the video for the segment - click here - its awesome!

and make sure you check those guys out - they are a lot of laughs!  100.9 KROCK!

THEN I headed over to the 9 WSYR Studios, where I was asked to co-host Bridge Street with Chris Brandolino
Chris and Rosa M goofing around backstage
Chris is so good to me, he always helps me out and makes me comfortable!  We had a ball doing the opening segment, host chat, which you can watch by clicking on the link below!


My other favorite segment was this one about Fall Foliage!


We also had the opportunity to talk to some wonderful volunteers from Sunshine Farms, where they rescuse horses and allow them to be adopted or retire safely!!


Here is another segment we did:

Thank you everyone for tuning in and for all your support!  It was a blessed day!!!!

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