Wednesday, September 11, 2013

At Home Pedicure Tips

Sorry gals, but sandal season is coming to an end

the good news?  You don't have to splurge on salon pedicures every few weeks,

because you can try my at home tricks to extend your pedicured feet during the fall (when an occasional open toe option might come up) and the winter (when its important to keep feet hydrated and cared for)

When you're ready to spend about 20 minutes on at at home pedicure, time it when you're getting out the shower or bath, with polish removed PRIOR, so that the skin and cuticles are softened up.
After removing polish, cut and file toe nails.  Its best not to do this after they have soaked
When trimming nails, leave a bit of length to avoid over-growth:

If you've neglected your feet for a while, you might need to push back and trim some of the cuticles, but be cautious not to over-do it!

trimming cuticles should be maintenance on already flared cuticles or hang-nails, don't over trim.  If you do trim them, make sure you're diligent about hydrating the nail area with cream or cuticle oily often - the drier the skin the more hang-nails you'll get

Apply a foot treatment to breakdown and remove dead skin
I love Julep Pedi Prep and File (appx $20)
which has a glycolic enzyme that rolls on easily and in 2 minutes loosens dead skin to be gently scraped off!  I love this product, it saves you lots of scrubbing and scraping time!

File heels
 You can use the Julep file, but of you want more of a heavy duty exfoliate, check out a PedEgg

($10 at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Ped Egg is gentle but really works. You can use PedEgg on wet or dry skin.  I recommend doing both periodically to get the best benefits

Hydrate Skin
Hey, while you're at Bed, Bath & Beyond, pick up an O'Keefe's Foot Cream for $8

You apply this as much as daily in to seal tiny cracks in the skin, where dry, colder air gets in and causes scaly, dry feet!  Yuck!  Best when applied on damp skin out of the bath or shower.

First, you might want to spend some time with your toe nails 'polish free' to let them breath.  A yellowing of the nail can occur with prolonged polish use, which is totally normal.  If you notice it doesn't go away on its own after a few days, some fresh squeezed lemon juice on a Qtip, rubbed on the nail will whiten it right up!

If you do wear polish, check out a fun Fall color, like these shades from Zoya, $8 at Salon Plus store in Destiny or on

PS- the green is incredible in person!

If you don't have a steady hand, try the toe separators to make it easier

and keep an orange stick handy to clean up stray polish around the nail bed

and make sure that you seal the polish with Top Coat, I like Orly Top Coat, $8 at Ulta, because its thick and provides long wear chip-resistance.  Re-Apply every week

Now you've got the tips and tricks to maintain your pedicure though the chilly months!  

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