Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rosa M's First Fashion Show

This is a momentous occasion for Rosa M, I reached out to Syracuse's premier Bridal Stylist, and essentially begged for the opportunity to do the makeup on the models for one of her Bridal shows!  Marie was so amazing and allowed me to come in and have creative license to glam up the models for show Bridal designs in all silhouettes and styles!
Rosa M and Marie, Owner of Spybaby and Off the Rack
I started the models off by doing color correction and contouring
Rosa M prepping the models

Blending Custom Make Up For Ever Foundation

Valerie assisting as hair stylist

All the beautiful gowns from Spybaby
One of my lovely models allowed me to try a full glitter lip, and the results were incredible!  I especially loved how she looked during break, like a real life Cinderella laying in front all her gown choices for the ball!

Beautiful model backstage

It was such a fun experience to get to do my life long pal, Valerie's, makeup for the show - she looked incredible in all her gowns!
Valerie was an amazing model!

The Masquerade Segment of the Show

Rosa M and Valerie having fun!

A Beaded Blush Gown
The fabulous Meredith (who was super pretty with this killer thick hair and willingness to try any makeup look!) OWNED this black and white ensemble that the Brides at the show swooned over!  It was one of my favorites!
One of the Best Dresses of the Day!

Lovely Models!

Rosa M Doing Touch Ups

Gotta Make the Lips Perfect
After the models roamed the bridal expo and greeted guests, it was time to get serious backstage and start the show.  Valerie and the other models had a GREAT time with it...and so did the ADORABLE flower girls!
Adorable Flower Girls

Valerie Rocking that Stage

Valerie on Stage Again


My Fav Dress of the Day on Sara!  Just having fun backstage!

Chaos Backstage!

The Gowns

Happy Models!
It was an incredible day!  Thank you everyone that participated and cheered on the show!

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