Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time for PRE-FALL looks to be released

I know, last Wednesday was the first official day of summer, so WHY am I covering pre-fall?  Because that is how the fashion & beauty World work my friends!!!!!  HA!

Here is a sneak peek of what is trending for Pre-Fall, which is typically released in July, for wearing in September into October.

We already saw yesterday that Chanel is going with Bombay, India inspired makeup

Guerlain is going for wine and deep berry stains with simple taupe glossy eyes

Dior is going with a "Golden Jungle" theme

they are also launching 4 new shades of their incredible Addict Lipstick and a new mascara:

Too Faced (Ulta & Sephora) is also featuring a wine-colored lip in their "Art of SEXY" campaign, but the focus on their products is deep pigments and long-wearing formulas

Rachel Zoe is sending all her models down the pre-fall runway with thick liquid eyeliner:

And for clothing, it looks like Jewel Tones are here to STAY!  Says the likes of...

Louis Vuitton:

Stella McCartney:



D Squared:

Oscar De La Renta:

I'm not trying to rush summer, but I am excited about dark lipstick again, I've already picked up a few!

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