Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chanel's New Look is Indian Inspired

Chanel just released a sneak preview of their Bombay Express makeup look for July 2012, and it is very unexpected!

The look is derived from the beautiful Indian women and their kohl liners

The obvious item in the collection is the mystical black gel shadow/liner "Illusion D'Ombre" in "#85 Mirifique"

You need to apply with a blunt tipped brush (I love how Chanel's brushes have long handles!) and you start over the eyelid and fan the color out and around the entire eye.  Feel free to switch to a liner brush when underneath the eyes, or if you need more control in your application, use a long wear black kohl eyeliner around the eye

To offset the harshness of the dark eyes, Chanel infused a gold shimmer for nails, and a limited edition highlighter compact with a gorgeous Indian-inspired design

This $80 powder has extremely high quality shimmer (not glitter, and never cheap looking) that you can accent your brow bone, temples, bridge of nose, chin and cleavage - for a perfect light-catching effect

Rounding out the collection is a ultra moisturizing lip color is a peachy-pale shade "Empreinte"

and a matching blush for just the most subtle hint of color

If you are going to get just one item in the collection, splurge on the gel long-wearing shadow liner for $36.  This easy to apply product wears well all day and the pigments in this faceted black are just incredible, you won't find something similar (and that is why Chanel is who they are!)

I really think that the peachy lip color works best, but if you can't pick up the $32.50 Chanel - try for Revlon's lip butter in "Tutti Fruity" for $8

Ready for your trip to Bombay?  Are you still wearing dark smokey dramatic eyes in summer?  Or it is more of a fall/winter look?

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