Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Can't live without this product!

A sheer panic came over me the other day when I ran out of my Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF Powder

This totally portable product solves my most critical beauty dilemmas:
1. I need to reapply SPF, but don't want to put lotion on my have oily face mid-way through the day
2. I need to control shine easily
3. I need portable products, that fit in any purse or briefcase
4. I want a mineral product that doesn't irritate skin

This little genius has it all!!!!!

Available in traditional formula in SPF 30 and 45

and also in bronze shades for $35

The powder automatically fills into the brush, so you never have too much product on your face.  The formula soaks up oil & shine while protecting you from wrinkles and damage.

What would you want to pay for a great product like this?  HOW ABOUT $12?

Yes, for summertime you can buy a .11oz size for $12!!

They an oily skin formula too that is $30 for .12oz of SPF 30!

I've tested it against Bare Minerals $27 version and it blows it away, no comparison!

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