Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hey Sailor!

MAC has officially combined two of my favorite things:  MAKEUP and NAUTICAL FASHION!  MAC just announced its limited edition collection called, "Hey Sailor!" that is a nautical themed summery makeup collection for lips, lids and nails!

I don't know what makes me more excited, the colors or the packaging!

The collection is actually quite extensive, as shown in a marketing photo below:

Obviously, I want the entire collection - but since I am not buying 31 items, I have to focus on the essentials that will help me create my nautical look!

And the shades are awesome!

First of all, the gold shadow pigment is incredible, its super glossy and bold!

Instead of the shimmery navy pigment though, I am going with the matte navy shadow

And I LOVE that the gloss has SPF 20 in it!  And that orange is fierce!

The Orange Tempera will go great with my gold and navy smokey eye!
And how can I resist the matching nautical makeup bags?

If you want to go in a different direction, I recommend the Emerald Eyeliner:

With the "Feeling Fresh" shadow

The illuminating and bronzing powder:

And finish with the "Sail la Vie" lipstick for a totally new and summery look!

And if you're only going to treat yourself to ONE product (you poor thing, but I understand!) then go with the 'Sail la Vie' lipstick for $15.50:

It works on nearly all skin tones and its an instant update for summer months!  It also works great with lots of bronzer and just a swipe of tan shadow (which you probably already have in your arsenal!)

Time to "set sail" on your new look!

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