Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to build drama with your eyeliner

Hi ladies!  I've had a few people ask me how to break out of their eyeliner rut, or just how to take their regular eyeliner look from day to night...so I thought I would give a quick and basic rundown on how to build drama with eyeliner

My eyeliner of choice right now is Sephora's Long Lasting Liquid Liner $10

because the applicator is fool proof and they wear ALL day!!!

You can use a liquid liner to create TONS of drama....but you can also use it to emphasize nice every-day looks too!

Right now I am liking the un-connected line for daytime - or even when you are going for a bolder look (dinner date)

My other favorite eyeliner is the Bare Essentuals "Big and Bright" Eyeliner

I love that they glide on smooth, and have a built in smudger (and sharpener to keep your creamy liner pointed for every application!)

How I build eyeliner, especially when I am working on someone new (and I don't know how much color and eyeliner they can handle):

Skipping the bottom line can really make eyes pop, instead of making them look smaller and closed when you line the lower lashes...(my fav look)

now add a smudge or a line on the lower outer corner:

Then completing the line all the way around the eyes, but keeping the line ultra thin:

Now, get some cream liner, or a thick matte black shadow and smudge to create drama:

It's best to follow the rule that you oppose dark lined eyes with a pale/neutral lip, and to pair a think liquid line with a bold lip

RULE 1 "Opposites"

RULE 2:  "Classic Beauty" (think liquid line, bold lips)

Rules are made to be broken, but the circumstances are usually just for photography and special events, not your every day, or even 'weekend' look. 

And hey - have fun with it!!

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