Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unsanitary Habits You Need to Stop in 2014

This morning on my radio broadcast - I talked about unsanitary makeup habits that you'll want to ditch in 2014 (hey- make it a resolution!)

1. "Blowing" on your compact to clear away excess makeup or clear the mirror - when you blow on your compact, you actually are spreading germs through microscopic saliva that lands on the powder. (ew!)

If you want to clean your compact, you can do a spritz of alcohol and wipe with a tissue

MUCH more sanitary!

2. "Pumping" your mascara wand in the tube before applying - all this does is push air into the mascara, and the more air in the tube, the more bacteria can grow.  Skip the pumping, its totally unnecessary!

3. Forgetting to disinfect your sharpener - for many of you, I'll bet its been QUITE a while since you've taken some alcohol and swabbed your pencil sharpener clean, and the sad thing is you should be doing it nearly every time you use it!

Ok, AT LEAST do it every time you switch from lip pencil to eye pencil or at a minimum every few weeks.  I don't think I need to explain that you probably don't want lip pencil shavings to touch your eye pencil tip before applying. 

4. Storing dirty makeup brushes together - this spreads oil & bacteria and causes breakouts.  This can happen when you store brushes in a jar or lay them down in a drawer on top of each other. 

Its best to have a place where your brushes can be segmented by type or store them in an artist's belt

This is a cool idea, where the storage cube is large enough that when you use beans, the brushes don' touch!

5. Biting your nails - it spreads bacteria and germs and its just plain gross!  make it a plan to kick the habit in 2014!  Treating yourself to regular manicures can help!

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