Monday, January 20, 2014

Maiya's Modelling Themed Birthday

One of my favorite things about makeup artistry, is working with the younger-set!  They have so much enthusiasm and LOVE to go for bold fun looks!  This weekend, a dear friend's younger sister wanted a modeling theme birthday party - to which only the "Dream Team" (Erika DeSocio Photography and your gal Rosa M) would suffice!

Maiya had her best group of gal pals get together, and we started at 9:30 am working on hair and makeup and making final outfit decisions!  One thing that was especially funny was the life size Harry Styles cardboard cut out we had looking over us the whole time - oh to be 13 again!

Here are some of the memorable shots of the day - courtesy of Erika DeSocio Photography (the best there is - check her out on Facebook NOW!)

I loved this athletic girl who had to leave early to go to a basketball game - I asked her what her team color was and she said PINK!  So she got pink eyelashes!
Check out your fav MUA in action!

The other beautiful girls

And of course, the birthday girl!
(who has the most beautiful doe eyes!)

Erika and I having a quick selfie sesh before the outside fun began!

Erika was able to capture their innocence and youth so perfectly!

Afterwards, the girls came in to thaw out and they got to preview the pics!  They were in awe of Erika (not surprising - I am too!)

We all had the best time!

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