Thursday, January 9, 2014

Makeup: You're not doing it right

Hey followers - in case you missed my radio chat today about makeup tricks you aren't doing right - I wanted to blog my 5 items that you might want to consider changing!

1. Using white eyeliner on the your lower line/waterline

The key here is that you might be using WHITE, and our eyes are not actually white, they are off-white.  So a pure white liner will make eyes look reddish or yellow-y and we don't want that.  Lining the lower waterline with ivory or nude is a great way to make eye appear brighter and more awake - its one of my favorite tricks!

2. Using bronzer all over the face

Although a tan glow IS sexy - its meant for the beach days and not work days - too much bronzer looks fake and overdone - but you don't have to store it away!  Instead, if you use a BB or CC cream, or even a tinted moisturizer - you can just amp up the shade by one step to give the color a bit more intensity.  I don't meant to say that you make your foundation a whole shade darker, foundations are usually too pigmented to do that, but you could add a drop or two of a darker shade to intensify it. 

THEN, you use your fav bronzer to contour your face instead of apply powder everywhere.  You apply it to the hollows of your cheeks, your hairline and jawline

The result is a glow from within that looks appropriate all year!


3. Using eyeliner across the bottom lashes

Although there are times that call for deep dark sultry eyes, that is not necessarily a great look on everyone.  I find that women start a habit of eyeliner and they NEVER change - but this might be something to consider.  Unless you have wide doe-eyes, you probably shouldn't be using eyeliner to 'close in' your eyes.
Instead, try only lining halfway, and making it a softened and smudged line instead of a harsh one

Then you can add a highlighter or light shadow to the inner corner which also makes the eyes brighter and more awake!

Try it, I think you'll like it!

4. Not blending your blush

Ok, in some editorials you see bold over the top blush - but that is not for us daily beauties that have to go to work - blush is ESSENTIAL, it balances out eye and lip color, gives our skin a sexy flush and brightens our complexion.  I never skip blush, even if I am using bronzer.

Blush should look like a natural 'flush' on your face - and if you can clearly see where it starts and stops, well, you're not doing it right!

To get it right, I either use an angled blush brush for powder, or my fingers to apply cream blush (my favorite!)

Use cream blush sparingly, and blend in thoroughly

The result should be flawless ad soft - EVEN if you are using a bold color

5. Applying dark lipstick right from the tube

although there are times where you need to make a touch up on the fly - and applying from the tube is your best shot - deeper and bolder lipsticks can look too thick if you apply them right from the tube!

Using a lip brush will not only give you flawless precision to actually trace your real lip line but it will only add the product you need, which makes the color look better and wear of more evenly

alternatively, you can use your ring finger to 'press' the lipstick into the lips

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