Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 min mani for a chipped nail or in a hurry!

I have had my acrilyc nails for over a decade, so its rare that I expirience chipping of polish, but my girlfriends with natural nails always complain that if they wear nail polish, it can chip at the worst times and look terrible, so they go without.  Which obviously warrants a solution asap!  Because painted nails make you feel more feminine!

Keep a small bottle of silver or irridecent glitter nail polish at hand, to apply just on tips (and brush back towards the nail bed to fade)

Keep a thicker concentration of the glitter at the tip of the nail to disguise the chip!

Whats even better is that glitter nail polish dries much faster than regular colors, so as far as smudging, you should be in the clear within minutes!

This also works when you have only a few minutes to dress up your nails before heading out the door, and it looks more modern and fun than all over glitter!

What to use?

You need to use a glitter that is micro-fine (not multi-sized or large), I especially love OPI's "Bring on the Bling" (which has a slightly gold hue)

I also love the entire Zoya 'ultra glitter' line, which has super tiny glitter particles! 

Keep it handy in your purse and you could fix a chip or jazz up your tips in no time!!!

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