Friday, December 6, 2013

Take a Queue from Blake Lively for Hot Holiday Hair

Blake Lively may have some of the most envious hair of our generation (yes, I track these sort of things) but imitation IS the most sincerest form of flattery, so flatter miss Blake for your Holiday gatherings this year and steal some of her hair looks!

The Sleek Pony:

Blow dry hair straight, use an iron to get out any wave.  Use styling cream to slick back hair (no flyaways allowed - it ruins the look!) and secure the pony tail semi-low.  Use shine serum and a but of hairspray to tame the pony and make it look sleek!

Bonus: find an awesome pony tail holder with some bling OR wrap a small section of hair around the pony to give it a finished and styled look

The triple pony:

This is a style she goes to over and over again, and that's because its fierce!  loosely dried and curled hair works best - I also recommend day old hair - it will hold the style better.  Remember to tease the pony each time to give it volume.  Wrap a small section of hair around each pony to add to the look!

The Teased Crown:
Whether she is rocking an updo or not, she likes to add a lot of volume, and you can too!  Try a teasing powder (I like Big Sexy Hair's Teasing Powder you can find at Ulta)

Take it to the Side:
Blake likes to rock a side pony or just a side swept look.  It can be casual, but suddenly baring that shoulder makes it instantly glam!

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