Thursday, December 12, 2013

Facial Cleansing Brushes, More Harm than Good?

Hey y'all, I was BACK on Movin' Mornings with Joey & Heather today (after a few weeks off) and I came back with an important topic: Cleansing Brushes!

Many of us love our cleansing brushes (and I am sure many of us have them on our wish lists for Christmas this year!)
Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

But using your brushes the wrong way could cause more damage to skin than you think!  So I will break down the signs of misuse AND the do's and don'ts!

Signs you're overusing or misusing your cleansing brush:
- increased breakouts
- redness
- excessively dry skin
- irritation and increased sensitivity

- Don't combine the use of your cleansing brush with a chemical exfoliator, its too much exfoliation for the skin
- Don't use in conjunction with a scrub, it will scrub off too much skin
- NEVER share your cleansing brush with another (just get separate brush heads and change them with each person's use)
- Don't over-use it.  Every other day is typically the use the average person should go for
- Don't 'push' it into your skin.  These brushes were made to work without having to press hard onto the skin, it will just cause irritation
- Don't use on sensitive breakouts, it will only irritate skin and spread the bacteria from the breakouts!
- when using a sonic brush (like the Clarisonic) make sure to cleanse makeup off FIRST then re-lather and use the brush - sonic brushes 'push' cleanser deep into pores, if you have lots of makeup or oil on your face, it will push that in too (this is super important!)

 - Rinse the brush head off with soap & water after each use, detach and let air dry
- use alcohol to cleanse every so often OR zap the brush head in the microwave for 10 seconds to kill bacteria
- Change the brush head every 3 months
- Get the jawline well (a common place for buildup)

What's the difference in the expensive vs. other brushes?

$30 Oil of Olay Cleansing Brush

This is what is considered to be an exfoliating or 'scrubbing' brush - because the brush head moves back and forth to create friction that scrubs skin.  Yes, it IS better than just using your hands BUT, it can be very irritating!

$120 Clarisonic Mia
This is the only brush that offers true 'sonic' technology, which means it sends a pulse that actually breaks up residue (makeup, oil, dirt, pollutants, dead skin) and wipes it away.  Which is WAY more powerful than just a scrubbing brush!!!  Its totally worth the additional cost!

Check out how much more clean skin surface was with a sonic cleansing brush vs. a scrubbing brush:

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