Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ombre Hair - Part 1

Ombre Hair coloring has been trending...BIG TIME!  so must so, that yours truly is on the bandwagon!!!  I just started reversing my Ombre that I've had for quite some time from light to dark (seen here a few weeks ago)

To a dark to light concept, which is the typical look for Ombre. 

The reality is, is that Ombre Hair color is super low maintenance, because its a play on your roots growing out!  (I almost wonder if we can credit Drew Barrymore for starting this trend last year when she was noticeably seen sporting grown out roots!)

If you don't want to go through the root growing out stage, your stylist can do what mine did, and they stopped foiling in blond highlights (just did a few) and added low lights, that way as your hair starts growing out, it will blend into Ombre instead of a dark harsh line.

Then after several weeks, you can have color brushed into hair in sections (avoiding the roots) to get the ends lighter

You can go as dramatic or as natural as you like, or you could add a fun COLOR into the mix:

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