Monday, November 14, 2011

Get matte!

Matte (aka: not shiny) is coming back in style in a MAJOR way!  Far be it for cosmetics and fashion powerhouse CHANEL not to bring you new ways to get matte!  In fact, in addition to their Rouge Allure Matte collection of lipsticks (which, ironically, pair great with super glittery glosses!)

they have also introduced a Matte Top Coat for nails - that makes the polish finish incredible!

take a look at their newest collection of nail polishes (which are all bold and shiny) with the new top coat over them

here they are without the top coat

So this awesome product will allow you to change it up and stay in style, without having to commit to only buying one shade of matte!

What to try:  Try the top coat over a steely-grey or denim blue this fall!

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