Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shaving Tips and Tricks

Oh Shaving, its so necessary (nearly 90% of the men around the World shave DAILY!) and yet such a pain too!

But here are some things you should know before you swipe your razor again!

- Shaving works best on moist, hydrated skin!  Your skin has the most moisture in the evening, versus the driest in the morning. 
- What if you don't want to shave at night?  You like it as part of your morning routine?  Well try to shave AFTER the shower, when skin is warm, moist and hair is best prepped.
- Why?  Because wet hair is nearly half as strong as dry hair, making it much easier to shave, which means less tugging and pulling on your skin!

- We remove just as much skin as we do hair when we shave!  Dead skin cells collect on the surface of skin, and are removed with the razor.  So its important to clean your razor while shaving and VERY well after shaving!
- To clean your razor after shaving, soak in alcohol, pat totally dry, and store the blade/cartridge back in its plastic protector.
- Any surface the blade touches (including your medicine cabinet) dulls the blade - leading to a dull blade that can cause you razor burn and irritation!

- The multi-blade disposable cartridges are thought to be the best shaving razors to use - but how do you know when to throw them out?
- The moisture strip is a marketing ploy to get you to think your razor needs to be thrown out when it doesn't (thanks razor companies!)
- If you clean and dry your razor after every use and protect it - you can get at least a dozen uses.  But if the blade looks uneven, get rid of it! 
- Oh, and those cheap razors?  Throw them out after each use - they are worthless!

Now you've got some facts and tips for your next shave!! 

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